The tenor John Tiranno, as Beppe... gave (an) ardent, mellifluous performance.
— The New York Times

Tenor John Tiranno has had his singing called “ardent and mellifluous” by The New York Times. Notable past performances include Berlioz's Requiem (La Jolla Symphony & Chorus), Richard Strauss' Deutsche Motette (Musica Sacra), Saint-Saëns Requiem (Festival Internazionale di Musica e Arte Sacra), Mozart’s Missa in C (at Auditório Ibirapuera in São Paolo, Brazil), creating the role Trouble in Gisle Kverndokk's Max and Moritz (New York Opera Society), Bach's B minor Mass and the U.S. premiere of Juraj Filas’ Oratio Spei – Requiem (Sacred Music in a Sacred Space), Handel’s Messiah (Dayton Philharmonic), Paul Moravec’s The Blizzard Voices (Oratorio Society of New York), and recitals at King Abdullah University of Science & Technology in Jedda, Saudi Arabia.